He Has Risen Room 1B

During the past few weeks revolving around Easter, the children have been learning about how Jesus died on the cross and then resurrected. How he came to wipe away our sims. And how the Holy spirit was sent to help us make good choices and guide us in showing us the way God would want us to go.

We also had our Easter egg hunt. Thank you to are our wonderful parents who made our Easter parties a success.

Our Room 1B March Madness

We had so much fun celebrating St Patrick’s Day in class. From yummy green snacks, to video story time, to an office field trip to make our hats with Ms. Joy. This week we also learned about blue prints and designed a leprechaun trap. We then built it and waited patiently to see the results of our hard work. Check it out.

Happy Thanksgiving

As we reflect today on all the wonderful blessings we have in our lives we give thanks to God for every single one of them. I am so very thankful for each and every one of you and your beautiful children and I thank God for bring you into my life.

Farm Day Part 2

Wow I can't believe day 2 is about over. Time flys when you are having fun. Today we enjoyed more of our farm activities as well as welcoming Farmer Greg again. This time he brought some sheep to add to the wonderful group of animals he had brought yesterday. All the animals were so vocal today they were fun to hear. We also had a hoe down and had Ms. Joy come in and read us a fun story before lunch. What a busy day. Enjoy some of the pictures and video from today's fun.

Farm Day Part 1

Our first Farm Day was a success! We enjoyed everything from playing farm bingo to story time with Mr. Tim. But I think what made it even more special was our special visit from Farmer Greg and some of his farm animals. Take a look at the fun we had today. Can’t wait until tomorrow for part 2.

Hello November!

Wow this month has already started off with some excitement. The children are enjoying all the changes in the centers to commence our new focal point in the classroom. We are exploring harvest, farm and magnets. We are also learning how to pray and we are encouraging them to pray at home with their families every day. They love all of you and during our daily prayers in class they always include their families and ask God to keep them safe and thank God for every single one of you. Take a look at the videos below for a little idea of all the fun we are having.

Pajama Day!

What a way to end our short week! We were so relaxed in our very stylish Pjs. We enjoyed some red apple, green apple, yellow apple races outside and watched a short movie during lunch time. The children especially loved the movie since it was Leap Frogs Letter Factory and they love knowing the sounds of each letter. We also created masterpieces with orange playdough and pastels on black paper. Check it out.

Apple Pumpkin Day #2

And the fun continues. Today was Orange Day and day number two in our Apple Pumpkin Days. The children finished their Fall frames. They met Fred the pumpkin who helped us with our science. He sure made a mess though. We continued our lesson of chemical reaction by making elephant tooth paste inside Fred which was a reaction between yeast and Hydrogen Peroxide and yeast and dishsoap. Today we also had a special guest reader which was Ava’s mommy. The children were looking forward to listening to her read. She read Bad Apple. The children have loved being able to see parents during class. Thank you again to all our wonderful families who helped.