Pajama Day!

Today was such a fun day! Room 3 had a awesome pajama day. Every single friend showed up in their pajamas! We played the floor is lava on the structure. And danced and danced in the wood chips.

We helped Ms. Sheri with a cooking project and had delicious pumpkin pancakes for snack today!!

Cooking with Ms. Sheri was so much fun.
Our pancakes were so good!
Some of our friends ate them before Ms. Kira could get pictures!

Our pajamas were so cool we had to take some pictures! We kept trying to jump in each other’s pictures.

Smiles for miles!
We love wearing pajamas at school.

We played on our patio and had so much fun running around!

We enjoyed playing with a car ramp and hanging rings all over our bodies!

It has been a very full day in Room 3 and a great way to end the week!