Big Field! ( and a little more)

This week has been a quiet one but still a fun one. The big school is on Spring Break and while the cats away the mice will play! We got to go to the Big Field on Tuesday and Wednesday this week.

We took our blankets and had a nice snack on the field and Ms. Sheri read us a couple of stories and then we got to run and play!

Pinkalicious is always a favorite book to read. Ms. Sheri also read Baby Beluga and The Poky Little Puppy.
Red Light, Green Light is a favorite game for the Big Field. Although sometimes we forget that red means stop.

We also just like to run and chase each other. I don’t know who is more tired at the end, the kids or the teachers.

This week we have been very focused on birthday parties. So in the sandbox we have decided that it is everyone’s birthday and we had the biggest party ever!

While this week has been so much fun, we can’t even imagine how much fun next week will be when we celebrate The Week of the Young Child. Each day will have its own exciting new theme!

Easter is Coming!

Easter Sunday is on April 4th and what better way to celebrate but with a party!! We danced,ate snack, wore bunny ears, made crafts and read from the Bible.

After we do morning meeting we pray before we head to snack!
We had festive tablecloths and fun snack and one little sweet treat!
We decorated big eggs and made crowns!
Outside we painted fake flowers and one of the teachers brought their pet bunny. Hello Pancake!
We loved wearing our bunny ears inside the classroom! Thanks Ms. Sheri!
We danced until we dropped!

We had such a fun time with the eggs and the bunnies and the chicks but we all know that the real reason we celebrate Easter is because of Jesus and his never ending love.

We are so fortunate to be able to celebrate in all the big ways and little ways too! Happy Easter to all!

Green All Day!

We started off our day with an exciting book reading by Mr. Tim. We all love his visits to the classroom and the fun voices that he does when he reads. Thanks Mr. Tim!

Green Eggs and Ham. Sounds delicious to me! 😋
We danced until it was snack time. We got to request our favorite songs.

The Catchy Song, Freeze Dance, and Animal Freeze by Jack Hartmann were all requested.

We ate Green Eggs and Ham (bacon). Some of us were unsure about the green eggs but we all tried them.
Everyone loves bacon!
We did an art project from Ms. Monica! We mixed blue and yellow to get green!
We played Flower Shop in the yard outside and we wore them in our hair and decorated Ms. Sheri with flowers.
All in all we had a busy day playing with each other. We look forward to playing together again tomorrow!

St. Patrick’s Day/ Dr. Seuss Celebration mash-up!

Today we had a very green day! We decided to combine St. Patrick’s day with Green Eggs and Ham. From the first yard time to the end of the day we were all about green.

When we out to the yard we discovered we could make Shamrock crowns!
When we went inside we read Green Eggs and Ham and then we made some. ( The teachers made the bacon beforehand). Ms. Sheri and Ms. Terri rocked it!

We also used green and gold for our decorations because of St. Patrick’s Day and because they are our colors for March.

We got to crack eggs and then we made them green.
We played with play dough that had green sparkles in it and made Shamrock shapes.
After nap we went outside and played with green and gold legos! We also matched Shamrocks and blew bubbles.

Today was a day filled with dancing and laughing and a lot of fun.

And we get to do it all again tomorrow!

Preschool Fire Drill

Practicing staying safe is an important part of our preschool curriculum. This includes periodic fire/earthquake drills. On Thursday, March 11 the entire preschool took part in a fire drill. Everyone exited the preschool to muster up in the preschool parking lot for a quick headcount. The children did a fantastic job listening to teachers and we had an incredibly smooth drill. Great work everyone!

Spring is Coming!

We have had some warm and sunny days recently and we took full advantage of them. Playing comes so naturally to us and we do it every day!

Outside we have so much fun with each other. We love climbing and digging and bouncing.
All the fun in the sun we had last week!
We played with umbrellas in preparation for the rain. We even had a train that Mr. Yorlin made and let us use it. Thanks! It was so much fun.
The sand was perfect for making mountains after the rain.
We were practicing with scissors
And we are learning new skills.

Today has been such a wet day and we haven’t gone outside much but it’s fun to look back on last week when we did!

Dinosaur Bones

Room 3 has been very interested in dinosaurs recently: being them, playing with them and discovering them.

The past two days we have watched a short video called Dinosaur Bones. All about where dinosaurs lived and how they lived.
We watched the video on Wednesday and then when the kids came in Thursday morning they sat in front of the screen and pretended to watch it again.

We have been playing with dinosaurs and pretending to be them for a couple of weeks and we are learning things along the way.

Playing Around

Playing is such an important part of what we do at school. During playtime we learn to work together, share, and express ourselves in positive ways.

Building with blocks is a new favorite pastime. We also have dinosaur bones in our sensory table that we discover together!
Imaginative play happens quite often. We play puppies and kittens almost everyday.
We love the sandbox and all the things we make there.
Bristle blocks and dinosaurs are also a fan favorite.

We enjoy playing with each other! It’s the best part of our day. We greet each other enthusiastically when we arrive and we cheerfully say goodbye at the end of the day.

We are building relationships everyday through work and play.

Party II! (Valentines Celebration)

We have so much fun being together! Building castles and drawing pictures! Ms. Kira got several pictures to take home today.
Outside we ran and played and danced and built and climbed all over the structure . We stay so active!
We sang our songs about love during morning meeting and read our books about love.
Both of these books are loved by the class.
We all loved snack. We had our special snack mix.
As well as raspberries, strawberries and grapes.

We had so much snack that Ms. Kira was afraid we wouldn’t have room for our lunches.

We played with our sparkly play dough and had an all around good time!

We had such a good time celebrating love and remembering to be loving. We danced and ran and climbed and created so many things!

The Room 3 teachers are thankful we get to do a job we love with such wonderful children and families. We love you all and we thank God that we can share that love with you and each other!

(And right after nap we got to go outside and we saw a beautiful rainbow)

Valentine’s Day Party!! 🎉💕🥳

While we are celebrating love all month long we are especially doing so for the next couple of days. We started our day in the yard with an exciting dance party and playing on the structure!

The Floor is Lava is a favorite song for outside.
Thanks for all the great decorations!
We had a special snack mix of popcorn, pretzels and raisins as well as grapes and strawberries.
Snack time was so quiet. 😋Mmmm! It was so good!
We played with sparkly play dough that Ms. Sheri made for today and we got to make our own Valentines cards.
We ended our day playing with the post office on the yard.

Today was a busy day and we enjoyed it so much!