Our first week of Fun in the Sun during June gloom. It was an eventful and fun week, who needs the Sun to have Fun! We made art projects with water colors and some other project with acrylic paint. The kids are artists at heart.

We improvised and had our snow cone activity for the late afternoon, the morning was too cold. We will try having snow cones in the morning next week.

Surf Shack! Catch the Wave of God’s Amazing LOVE.

Theme Verse: Remember the Lord is great and awesome! Nehemiah 4:14

The kids had fun on Wednesday when they saw everyone wearing their purple shirts 🥰, even the teachers.

Friday is here and we had Mr. Yorlin as a special visitor, delighting us with his presence and gigantic bubbles presentation, The kids were very happy to see him and catch and popping those amazing bubbles.

We ended Friday with Fun water play, car wash drive and water tables!