Update on our sunflowers. What an exciting project we are ending with this school year, the discovery and dissection of our sunflowers. Yes! We planted the seeds in the garden, we took care of them by watering and pulling the weeds away from around the plants. The kids followed every step. Reading books that applied to gardening opened their minds and inspired them to visit the garden and ask questions. As they saw the sunflower and carrots grow bigger and bigger they got more excited.

We saw the first sunflower open it’s yellow petaling and then the second and then a third one. As they got dry and shrivel we decided to bring two of the sunflowers into class. Some kids drew their version of a sunflower and others explored, touched and dissected and collected the seed. Lots of conversations happed during this activity. How impressed and proud to have seen the process with our amazing kids. We love them so much.