Here we are making a fall wreath and Practicing fine motor skills, they are peeling the paper off the sticker and placing fall items on the paper plate an simple,and easy activity that will help good practice and strengthen the young children’s hand a skill used in pre- writing skills.

The things that class 4 said they were thankful for. They brought tears to our eyes. We asked each child; Why are you thankful for? Penelope, Carter and Charles, “I am thankful for my mommy.” Caden, “I am thankful for my sister, mommy and daddy.” Eden,”I am thankful for my daddy bring me to school.” Evelyn,“ I am thankful for my teacher.” Isaiah,“I am thankful for my sister in mommy’s tummy.” JulietteI am thankful for my family.” Lucas, “I am thankful for soup.” Rune, “I am thankful for the trees.” Even at this age they are capturing what a blessing it is to have Jesus in their life.