Farm Day (Part 2)!

We had another great farm day! We were just as excited for the second farm day as for the first. This time we even remembered our special hats!

We got to feed them carrots and hay!
There were two lambs that were only a few months old. When they went “baaaa” we laughed so hard!
We had so much fun waiting for our turn with the animals.
The animals were so cute and so much fun!
Bye Blondie! Thanks for visiting us!

Farm Day Part 2

Wow I can't believe day 2 is about over. Time flys when you are having fun. Today we enjoyed more of our farm activities as well as welcoming Farmer Greg again. This time he brought some sheep to add to the wonderful group of animals he had brought yesterday. All the animals were so vocal today they were fun to hear. We also had a hoe down and had Ms. Joy come in and read us a fun story before lunch. What a busy day. Enjoy some of the pictures and video from today's fun.

Farm Days

Our kiddos got to pet ducks, sheep, goats and a HUGE horse! Our friends did an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G job at using gentle hands, calm voices and walking feet. Thank you to all the parents for participating with bringing our kiddos all dressed up as farmers!

We also had a sheriff in the house! 😍 We encourage all of our parents to engage in some discussion with your kids about their experience!

Here are some questions that can get you guys all started:

1. What was your favorite thing about Blondie the horse?

2. What kind of food were you feeding the animals?

3. What is something new you learned about animals today?

We hope you enjoy the pictures! Happy 3-day weekend!

Farm Day Part 1

Our first Farm Day was a success! We enjoyed everything from playing farm bingo to story time with Mr. Tim. But I think what made it even more special was our special visit from Farmer Greg and some of his farm animals. Take a look at the fun we had today. Can’t wait until tomorrow for part 2.

Farm Day!

We have had so much fun on Farm Day! Room 3 has been anticipating this day all week.

We watched other classes play with the animals and we sang Old McDonald had a farm while we waited for our turn.
We got to pet goats and ducks and even a horse!
Blondie was a very big horse and we got to feed him!
We watched the ducks drink water!
We had so much fun with the animals that we asked about them even after nap!
We also had fun just running around and playing “The Floor is Lava” on both the structure and in the sandbox.

We had so much fun on farm day and we look forward to Day 2!