Stone Soup Days in Room 2

Our Stone Soup Days were a wonderful way to celebrate the Thanksgiving season. We began our week by reading different versions of Stone Soup and discussing the concept of collaboration and sharing. On Thursday and Friday the children cut different vegetables to add to a big pot of broth, we added some seasoning and pasta to finish our masterpiece. Next, came our celebration feast with our delicious soup, rolls, apple cider, strawberries and our festive decor. Our room 2 family sat together in delight enjoying our soup and each other’s company. To top off the festivities we had a special guest reader today, who we lovingly refer to as papa. He read Bug Soup to the children over a zoom link so the children were able to interact with him. This last week has reminded us of the special blessings God has granted us and we are thankful for our room 2 family.