Kinder Camp Fun in the Sun!

Greetings from Kinder Camp!

It is officially summer! There’s so much to share about our Kinder Camp experience so far!

Our mornings begin with morning meeting, and after going over the calendar, reading a Bible story and discussing the plans for the day, we jump into small groups. We’ve been reviewing letter and sound recognition, and writing our alphabet. Then we have journal writing as well as mathematics and number recognition.

After having a delicious lunch and playing outside with some super fun toys, we spend time learning about God during Bible and worship. We’ve learned about Adam and Eve, Noah’s Ark, and the Tower of Babel. We continue the day with arts and crafts. Using our imagination and creativity, so far, we’ve created colorful megaphones, visors, and windsocks!

Fridays are special days of the week! Last week we saw an “Oceans Rock” show. When the show finished, we got to take home two ocean memorabilia! Yay! To end the day, we watched Curious George 2 and had popcorn! Yum! This Friday we got to see a Juggler performance. It was great! In the afternoon, we watched A Goofy Movie and had popcorn for snack!

Let’s not forget the best part of Kinder Camp…water play! To keep cool in the sun, we’ve ran through sprinklers and water slides! We also had a Whale Bubble dance party!

In between all these activities, we are celebrating summer birthdays, having special lunch Fridays, and having dance parties in the classroom!

We’ve been having so much fun and its only been two weeks! We have six more weeks of fun-filled activities in store! So let’s put on our swimsuits and sunscreen, and let’s keep having some fun in the sun!