‘‘Twas the Week before Christmas Break

This week has been full of fun activities and projects. Here are a few photos of all the things we have done!

This week Ms. Daisy made gingerbread with the class. They got to pick their shapes and use cookie cutters.
After the cookies baked they got to decorate them and eat them! What a special treat! 😋
Ms. Daisy dressed up as the Gingerbread Girl on Wednesday.
Mr. Tim also came into our class two days in a row and read How the Grinch Stole Christmas!
Thank you Mr. Tim for the wonderful rendition! 😁

Then we had a school wide chapel where we heard again the story about baby Jesus and why we celebrate his birthday and we also got to sing some fun songs as well!

Joy to the World!

It’s been a fun week and we look forward to the rest of the Christmas season!

Next week will be just as much fun and even though it be short it will be jam packed!

Please look forward to the upcoming pajama and cocoa days and we will probably watch a Christmas movie or two 😉.

Thank you all for helping this week be a success and so much fun for our class!