We Love Worship Time!

Preschool isn’t all about letters and numbers, worship is also an essential part of our curriculum! We worshipped with one of our Room 1 favorites, “Oh Hallelujah“ by Jana Alayra. We are able to incorporate music and movement while focusing on our spiritual growth. After worship, we had a moment of prayer, where our prayer helper lead us in a wonderful prayer!

The Best Apple Trees Around!

Apple Pumpkin Day #2

And the fun continues. Today was Orange Day and day number two in our Apple Pumpkin Days. The children finished their Fall frames. They met Fred the pumpkin who helped us with our science. He sure made a mess though. We continued our lesson of chemical reaction by making elephant tooth paste inside Fred which was a reaction between yeast and Hydrogen Peroxide and yeast and dishsoap. Today we also had a special guest reader which was Ava’s mommy. The children were looking forward to listening to her read. She read Bad Apple. The children have loved being able to see parents during class. Thank you again to all our wonderful families who helped.

Apple Pumpkin Day #1

Wow what a wonderful start to Apple Pumpkin Days! Today our classroom was full of red from our red tablecloths and plates to our red clothes. We decorated our fall frames and made special apple snack. We even learned what a chemical reaction was with a fun apple volcano science experiment. But our special visit by Kaira’s mommy via zoom reading us a story was the most exciting part of our day. Thank you to our wonderful parents for all your help.



Apple Eruption!


We experienced eruptions in class today! The art table had to be evacuated! We had active apple volcanoes using vinegar, baking soda and glitter. Can’t forget the glitter! There’s nothing more exciting than witnessing some safe chemical reactions!

Pumpkin Investigators

We put on our investigator caps and studied the mysterious pumpkin. We needed to investigate the length of the pumpkin, describe the characteristics of the pumpkin and explore what was hidden in this so called pumpkin. Let me tell you, we were amazed with the discoveries made! We used cubes to measure the length of this pumpkin. We had a wide range of predictions as to how tall the pumpkin was. Soon after we concluded that our pumpkin was 11 inches tall, which was the equivalent to 15 cubes. We used some descriptive words like: large, big, higher to reach, rounded, small stem and lines. The most exciting discovery was learning that seeds sink! Who knew! Our Pumpkin Investigation was a success!

Special Guest in Room 1A

We had a very special guest today! Most of our friends got to see a very familiar face! Mrs. Gen! Some of our friends came from Room 3. This was an exciting time for them! They were able to enjoy Mrs. Gen’s Felt Board Ghost Story once again! The friends who came from Room 3 last year immediately remembered the story and those friends who heard and saw the story for the first time, will never forget it! Thank you Mrs. Gen, you rock!

Day 1 of Happy Apple & Pumpkin Day in Room 1A!

The Great Shakeout!

The Great California ShakeOut - Resources: Web Banners

Today the preschool took part in the Great California Shakeout. Schools, businesses, and companies across the state participate each year in practicing what to do in case of an earthquake. At the preschool we call our “duck and cover” procedure, “Bunnies in the Hole.” All the classes had a fantastic time running through the whole process from “duck and cover” to mustering all the way to the big field on the main campus. They kids did a great job staying safe and listening to their teachers!

Chapel – October 2020

We had our first Preschool Chapel of the school year and we’re so excited! It was a wonderful time spent together singing, worshiping, sharing Bible stories, and enjoying the beautiful day that the Lord has made.

Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.

Matthew 5:16
Song: You Are the Light of the World by Steve Green, Hide ’em in Your Heart Vol. 1

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