Instant Fun with Insta Snow – Rm 3

As it is winter, we have been discussing cold weather in Room 3 and all that comes with it. For us here in Southern California, that mostly translates to crisp days and maybe some rainy ones. During the holidays, however, many of our friends enjoyed going to the snow as well. While it’s hard to come by the real stuff here in Pasadena, that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun with a close facsimile. Thus, Insta Snow!  This super hydro absorbent material has a unique look/texture, plus is very soft and cool to the touch. Our friends have been having a fantastic time scooping, squeezing and playing with our Insta Snow and polar people/animals. If you happen to be in our room, you should check out all the fun and learning that is taking place at our science table.


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