Busy and Blessed in Room 5!

The friends in Room 5 have been hard at work as they grow more and more each day in their skills and abilities. Everyone’s success in potty training has skyrocketed in the past weeks! Their excitement and support of one another in their bathroom triumphs has done most of the work for us- these youngsters really know how to rally each other! We thank the Lord each day for blessing us with the happy and compassionate children who have bonded so well in this class. We owe it to their loving families that they care for themselves and others with such sincerity.

Our Valentine’s Day party was a sweet success!

And everyone remains very engaged honing their  math, social/emotional, and fine motor skills in the dramatic play bakery!

We are getting ready for March with a brand new feature in our sensory table…

Green sand! The class dyed their own sensory sand green with Mrs. Erin and poured it into the sensory table. They are having a blast using the sifting scoopers to pour and measure the sand, sort through the coins and gems, and practice those early math and science foundations!

We are also integrating Bible foundations through art and storytelling. While we read about Noah’s Ark and God’s Promise at circle time, we created several beautiful rainbow murals for our classroom! We used ordering and sequencing with the song “Make God’s Rainbow Bright” to memorize the colors of the rainbow in order. We worked on color matching and building listening skills as everyone collaborated to make each rainbow.

The blessings of the Lord just keep raining down upon us, showering our classroom with love and laughter each day. As the friends in Room 5 become just that- we are blessed to see the bonds begin to form between our happy classmates and know they will cherish these friendships forever. Thank you to all the parents who have helped out so much to make this month so spectacular for these little ones at school!

“For the fullness of His grace, we have all received one blessing after another.” John 1:16