Big Things Built by Little Hands

Castle demolition has begun! We are moving on to bigger and better things but before we say goodbye, let’s take a look back at all of the hard work our little ones put into transforming their dramatic play area.

Like many successful projects, this one began with group brainstorming. We formulated questions, made connections, and used books and technology to do our research.



Together, we painted our castle walls and drawbridge.

We worked on the details.


We assembled it.



Our kings, queens, princesses, knights, jesters, cooks, servants, and even our royal kitty cats had a magnificent time! Our imaginative play has introduced us to real world concepts, equipped us with rich language, and taught us the art of negotiation!



To all of our families who donated or loaned costumes, fabrics, or props: Thank you for making this such a well-rounded learning experience!