Derby Days

This week we have had an exciting time with Derby Days! Each day had a different event and each one was full of fun. 

On Tuesday we had Snow Cones right before we did water play! The Snow Cones were perfect on such a warm day.

After Snow Cones we did water play and everyone was soaking wet!

On Wednesday we went to chapel and got reacquainted with our pal Snappy! Room 4 taught us all about Baby Moses and how God helps us when we need him.

On Thursday we dressed up like Cowboys and Cowgirls and had lot of fun with waterplay on our own yard! We even got to put on temporary tattoos. We watched a movie about trains and Cowboys and had lots of popcorn! 

Friday came and with it came a trip to the Big Field yet again but this time instead of water we got to play with animals! We got to pet ducks, rabbits, chickens, a goat and an alpaca!

Derby Days went racing by! It was a blast and we look forward to our next week and all the fun it brings.