Helping Children Calm Down

All kids can have a hard time regulating their emotions and for some it can be tougher than others. As children get older, there could be numerous causes for their emotions and at times, it may seem like there’s no one cause at all. These five calming tools can help children (and parents!) in any situation.

Count to 5

This simple tool gives young children who are learning about impulse control a chance to stop and think before they act out their anger.

Take a deep breath


This relaxation technique can help children calm their bodies quickly.

Acknowledge feelings


Children need the validation that their feelings are important as well. Understanding and listening to the cause of their emotions can help address the situation.



Taking the time to listen to their feelings and perspectives not only helps the child feel

better but gives you, the parent, a better insight to the person they are becoming.

Ask for a hug


Most of the time, it’s something as simple as a hug that can make everything better.

Author: Joyce Olaer, CSULA Child Development Intern