Happy First Day of Autumn!

It is with a warm smile that your friends in Room 2 would like to wish you a Happy First Day of Autumn! As the first day of the new season comes to an end, our teachers and friends in Room 2 are proud to report that we have finally started to “Fall” into step, as a classroom!🍁🍂🌰

The teachers in Room 2 have noticed a significant change in the way that friends are responding to transitions in the classroom, demonstrating great team work. Some friends even go as far as helping other friends finish a task, once they are done with their own. 
It is quite special, and we are proud of our classroom and of how Jesus’ love is present here. Though we are far from perfect, we are thankful as a classroom to be given opportunities to extend love, grace, forgiveness, and compassion everyday, as God grows these qualities in us.❤️
This week, to celebrate the start of the new Autumn season, we worked on Apple Printing art! Friends had so much fun exploring different colors and shapes. The artwork was beautiful!
We also learned about the Tower of Babel, from the book of Genesis, Chapter 11. Friends were fascinated to learn about the origins of all the different languages of the world, and we celebrated the diversity of languages in our own classroom! It was a lovely a treat to have our dear friends Ms. Nora and Ms. Cece come be a part of our demonstration of different languages in Room 2.🌎🌍🌏

All in all, we are off to a great start of the new season, and we look forward to continuing to grow and learn together as a classroom in the coming months. Until next week, we leave you with this verse, from Psalm 17. We pray that it would set the tone for your new season as well, just as it has in Room 2. 
Blessings and Happy Autumn, from your friends in Room 2!