Snare Drums and Cymbals, Bam!

Over the past few weeks we have been reading a story titled Creepy, Crawly Calypso. A lively tale about insects who play a variety of instruments, making calypso music. This book has a companion CD that introduces the children to the sounds of different instruments. Following this, Ms Silvia brought in a Snare Drum and Cymbals for the kiddos to try. Your Little’s loved making music! Take a look….

Jacob had everyone dancing!
Kelsey played and everyone waited patiently for a turn.
Beckett enjoyed making his own beet!


Music lives inside of everyone.

Class 4 worked on developing music by playing drums and moving.Adding a Cymbal to the snare drum stimulated and motivated their curiosity.The class learned to set up the snare drum on the stand,  how it can change  to  different sounds, how to play soft and loud sounds and to play the snare drum only with drum sticks.