Vegetable Fun!

Room 4 has been busy exploring a variety of veggies! We have been introducing different kinds of vegetables to ease them in to our Stone Soup day. The children had the privilege of choosing what veggie they wanted to bring in for Stone Soup (you know, they love being in control). We are very excited😜

The children had a chance to taste corn in different forms other than the regular old way of finding it in our soups or rice. We exposed them to corn on the cob, corn fritters, a delicious corn salad, and our biggest hit, POPCORN!🍿

We got to practice our small motor skills and hand-eye coordination to chop some potatoes. Then, we put them in the oven and had some tasty French fries😋

We compared and contrasted fruits and vegetables🤗. We agreed that fruits have seeds and vegetables do not. Our kids were very excited and were good at distinguishing them.