¡Adios, November!

It’s pretty surreal, but November has quickly left us!🍂

We had such a strong month, full of wonderful moments. One of our favorites was when Room 2 visited Underwood Farms!🐔🐮🐷🐶🐴

We were SO blessed to go on this adventure together! The best part was that we got to do it as a family! Many parents, grandparents, and chaperones joined us and this made for one of the best days we’ve ever had!

We had the chance to learn from some of the farmers on-site, about how veggies grow! But our most exciting moment came when we got to go out to the farm and pick our own veggies, right from the ground! SO COOL!! Jesus is so wonderful!! It was so precious and beautiful to do this with our friends and family!❤️

We had a spectacular time!! We want to be sure to thank each parent, grandparent, and chaperone that came!! Apart from it being a special day to explore, more than anything, having everyone together like that reminds us all just how blessed we truly are, and how good our God is to give us sweet tastes of heavenly fellowship here in earth, and in our classroom. We are such a beautiful family, and our hearts are stirred for God and for what He is doing in our classroom. It’s so majestic to see His love in the hearts of our Room 2 friends, and in their families. Amen to that!💫

We wanted to share a message with you all and let you know that Miss Wendy is currently working on creating a private folder, for all of our extra  pictures that sometimes don’t make it on to the blog!(WE HAVE SO MANY!!) And we will communicate with you on how to access it, once it’s ready to go! In the mean time, keep checking back here for more updates, and we’ll see you soon!

All our love, 

Room 2 ❤️