¡Feliz Navidad!

¡Feliz Navidad, Amigos!🎄

WELCOME BACK! We missed you!😊

Can you believe tomorrow is our last day of school before our Winter Break?!🎅🏼 

We feel the same!😱

This holiday season has had us so busy and full of activities, and it’s been amazing to have opportunities to spend time together with grandparents, friends, and family! We had such a wonderful day celebrating on Grandparents’ Day!

[Room 2 friends did a great job of making their guests feel so welcomed! We had a precious time together.]

Not to mention, Room 2 and Room 1 joined forces and gave a SPECTACULAR performance over at the big school! We sang “This is What Christmas Means to me,” by Tommy Walker and it was so good! God was praised with full hearts and big smiles all around!(Including tears of joy from their teachers!)


As we learned our song this season, Room 2 has been learning the true meaning of Christmas and why we celebrate; Jesus. He is why. Because He came. Because God kept His promise to the world and sent a Savior. God’s big love for us, and His perfect plan to reconcile us back to Himself, through Jesus’ birth and ultimate death on the cross. That’s what we celebrate on Christmas. That God the Father made a way through His Son, Jesus. “Emmanuel…” God with us. It’s beautiful! We are part of the most beautiful and truest love story that’s ever been. So we sing! We dance! We praise! We rejoice! He is worthy, forever and ever!!✨We hope that as you spend time with your loved ones this Christmas and New Year, you would be reminded of God’s big love for you, and of what He did for you… He demonstrated to us our value and worth by coming to earth, and dying on a cross 33 years later. We were worth that great sacrifice. And He LIVES!! He rose 3 days later and He is alive! So we REJOICE!! Jesus is ALIVE! And we hope that you feel the nearness of His presence as you share precious moments together with family and friends. These moments are small glimpses of heaven.❤

[Some pictures from our family celebration at the preschool, “Happy Birthday, Jesus!”]

We love you and are deeply blessed and thankful for each of our Room 2 friends and their families. We can’t wait to see what God has planned for us in 2017, and more than that, we can’t wait to see how God continues to transform and grow our hearts for Him, each other, our loved ones, and the world around us!🌎💕 We love you! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Miss Wendy💜, Miss Kira💚, and Ms. Daisy💛