Rockin’ Room 5! 

The recording studio is alive and well in Room 5. We’ve had a blast extending our learning with guest visitors and an expanded play space! We read “Zin! Zin! Zin! A Violin” by Lloyd Moss last week during circle time and were given a special concert and demonstration of the violin by the lovely and talented Mrs. Sarah from all the way up in Room 1! The kids and teachers were thrilled! One of our featured artists on the recording studio walls is Lindsey Stirling who plays violin and dances beautifully! Check out her videos on YouTube with your child and see how cool a traditional instrument like the violin can be!

We also expanded our practice space into the circle time and blocks area with the addition of microphones and a drum set! Now we have been having rocking jam sessions every morning. 

 (We love to break out the scarves and free dance to Lindsey Stirling!)
As usual we are also getting a great education in the outdoor classroom. Our bodies, minds, and social skills gain a hot of exercise outside! 

We are so grateful that some of our musically inclined parents have volunteered to give our little guys some immersive experiences with music and in our studio! Check back for updates on these exciting adventures in creativity and if you would like to donate your time/experience/old equipment or instruments to Room 5’s studio please let us know! Family involvement is one of the things that makes our school incredibly special. Until next time, rock on and peace out! ✌🏼