It has been such a hot week! But, that didn’t stop us from having fun in the sun. Taking advantage that the older pod went on a field trip, the younger pod spent a beautiful afternoon on the big yard. We had the chance to take a dip in the pools, go down the water slide, and enjoy each other’s company. In honor of exploring Norway, our class made delicious Krumkake😋 Our little chefs were so excited about measuring, pouring and mixing the ingredients. However, the best part was eating them along with blueberries and jam! Fri-yay came too soon! We enjoyed this warm day at the big school. Our children and teachers had the chance to go in a water bouncy house! Yay! Each and every smile is a blessing to us and we thank the Lord for being part of the children’s development🙏🏻 

We pray for more joyous moments like these❤️❤️