Great Shake Out

The students did such a great job at our annual Great Shake Out Earthquake Drill. At 10:17 am, on 10/17, we sounded the alarms (well…the elementary school did…the preschool simply played the “bunny in the hole” game). After we assumed the duck and cover position, we headed to the parking lot, took role call, and then continued to the PCS Field where the remainder of the drill was conducted.

While the preschoolers enjoyed snacks and a ukulele serenade by Mr. Tim, the older students and PCS staff conducted mock scenarios of injured students being sent to first aid triage station, staff “stuck” in buildings, sidewalk/pathway closures, etc. The Pasadena Fire Department also came by with their truck to ensure we were all “safe” and to evaluate our efforts.

Each year, we refine and improve our processes so that we are as ready as we can be. That said, we will continue to pray that our school is protected with grace and blessings and that we will not ever need to use our skills at school!