Happy Birthday Jesus!

Every year we have a Happy Birthday Jesus party where we celebrate the birth of Jesus and play fun games, make crafts, decorate cookies and sing songs that we have practiced over and over again!

This year is a little different in how we celebrate, but we are still having fun and enjoying this special season with each other.

The first big thing we did was sing the songs we have been practicing as a class. What we actually got on video might be a little different than what we practiced, but it was fun!

This is the song that they love the most! They ask for it even when we play on the yard.
Before we sang this song the class was shown tiny cupcakes they would get as a party treat. Needless to say, we were excited!

Ms. Sheri read to the class during snack time! We talked about Jesus and his birthday and why we celebrate it.

We enjoyed our sweet treat! (We also had our regular snack which were Saltines!)

Ms. Sheri read The Gingerbread Man during Morning Meeting and after snack we made our own Gingerbread people and Santa hats and decorated both with glitter and jewels and googly eyes!

Some of our Gingerbread people!
We colored our hats with our favorite colors.
After nap we wore our hats outside; even when we were riding our bikes.

Even though it wasn’t the same as usual we had a pretty good time!