Back to School!

Happy New Year! Today marks the second day back at school after a long Christmas break. I don’t know about you guys but the Room 3 teachers have missed you all!!

We have new sand in our sand box and it is excellent for making sand castles! ( We have also been playing Dinosaur. Can you tell which friends are roaring?)
We like our sensory path and using all kinds of things to make molds for castles.
We went to the Big Field and had picnic snack and Ms. Sheri read us a story. Then we played Red Light, Green Light and ran all over the field.
When we got back into the classroom a lot of Room 3 friends drew their own snowmen.
We played so much that we were all ready for lunchtime!

Outside we got to play on the structure and half the friends were firefighters and the other half were kittens. What great imaginations!

All in all we are happy to be back at school.