Room 3 Antics!

It is January and we are busy with the important work of playing. And Room 3 friends play hard!

Really big paintings have been done during our patio time and we are really enjoying the different shades of blue.
During small groups we talked about squares and we made some of our very own!!
We love to build with blocks and to do puzzles. Our block area is usually full of construction as we build everything our imaginations can dream up.

We also love puzzles and spend a lot of time switching back and forth between our favorites.

The marble maze is a new favorite activity during patio times as well as our hammering with golf tees and styrofoam.
Sand writing/ drawing is another favorite activity on the patio. As well as playing with our magnetic letters. Making up words is fun!
Building towers with our cubes is a challenging activity for the late afternoon. Sometimes we can build higher than our heads!
The trampoline is a much loved activity and we have been so great about taking turns while we jump.

Inside and outside we play hard and have fun and we get to learn along the way. What more could you ask for? 😀