Party II! (Valentines Celebration)

We have so much fun being together! Building castles and drawing pictures! Ms. Kira got several pictures to take home today.
Outside we ran and played and danced and built and climbed all over the structure . We stay so active!
We sang our songs about love during morning meeting and read our books about love.
Both of these books are loved by the class.
We all loved snack. We had our special snack mix.
As well as raspberries, strawberries and grapes.

We had so much snack that Ms. Kira was afraid we wouldn’t have room for our lunches.

We played with our sparkly play dough and had an all around good time!

We had such a good time celebrating love and remembering to be loving. We danced and ran and climbed and created so many things!

The Room 3 teachers are thankful we get to do a job we love with such wonderful children and families. We love you all and we thank God that we can share that love with you and each other!

(And right after nap we got to go outside and we saw a beautiful rainbow)