St. Patrick’s Day/ Dr. Seuss Celebration mash-up!

Today we had a very green day! We decided to combine St. Patrick’s day with Green Eggs and Ham. From the first yard time to the end of the day we were all about green.

When we out to the yard we discovered we could make Shamrock crowns!
When we went inside we read Green Eggs and Ham and then we made some. ( The teachers made the bacon beforehand). Ms. Sheri and Ms. Terri rocked it!

We also used green and gold for our decorations because of St. Patrick’s Day and because they are our colors for March.

We got to crack eggs and then we made them green.
We played with play dough that had green sparkles in it and made Shamrock shapes.
After nap we went outside and played with green and gold legos! We also matched Shamrocks and blew bubbles.

Today was a day filled with dancing and laughing and a lot of fun.

And we get to do it all again tomorrow!