Green All Day!

We started off our day with an exciting book reading by Mr. Tim. We all love his visits to the classroom and the fun voices that he does when he reads. Thanks Mr. Tim!

Green Eggs and Ham. Sounds delicious to me! πŸ˜‹
We danced until it was snack time. We got to request our favorite songs.

The Catchy Song, Freeze Dance, and Animal Freeze by Jack Hartmann were all requested.

We ate Green Eggs and Ham (bacon). Some of us were unsure about the green eggs but we all tried them.
Everyone loves bacon!
We did an art project from Ms. Monica! We mixed blue and yellow to get green!
We played Flower Shop in the yard outside and we wore them in our hair and decorated Ms. Sheri with flowers.
All in all we had a busy day playing with each other. We look forward to playing together again tomorrow!