Week of the Young Child

This week has been a blast! Every day has had a different theme and it has been so much fun dressing up and seeing what the friends were going to wear.

Tuesday was crazy hat and sock day. There were so many great socks and hat combinations.
We also love posing for pictures with or without our hats.
Wednesday was Pajama day. So many great p.j’s!
Thursday was summer fun and we had so many friends with cool sunglasses.
On Friday we had popsicles when we were in the yard to celebrate a birthday!
Then we went inside and ate delicious fruit. Thank you everyone for all the fruit. We had so much we couldn’t even eat all of it!
We had a pizza lunch and we sang Happy Birthday to one of our friends!

All in all it was a pretty busy week and we can’t wait to see what next week will bring!