Snow Days 2022!

Snow Days – Thurs., Feb. 10th & Fri., Feb. 11th

Our Snow Days have arrived at last and we are so excited! The forecast for Pasadena Christian Preschool is calling for snow and 88 degree weather.

What should my preschooler wear to play in the snow and heat?

That is a wonderful question! We recommend wearing boots or other water resistant shoes with good grip and clothes that can get wet. Full snowsuits and heavy jackets aren’t necessary but snow pants and gloves are welcome.

Please also be sure to send a weather appropriate change of clothes for after our snowy adventures.

A new location for our preschool blizzard.

Last year we hosted our Snow Days in the preschool parking lot. This year we have decided to shift the snow fall into our play yard and the woodchip area. We wanted to maximize the amount of time the kiddos get to explore the snow/ice. Especially since it took about a week to completely melt. This will be the first time anything quite like this has happened in our yard and we are very curious to see how it goes.

Hip, hip, hooray for Snow Days!!