News and Reminders

Speech and Language Screenings – Tue., Nov. 8th, Wed., Nov. 9th, & Thurs., Nov. 10th

Speech and language pathologists from Jabberdogs will provide screenings for receptive and expressive language, voice, articulation, and fluency at the preschool for $35. If you are interested in participating, please complete and return the Permission Slip by Friday, November 4th. (Permission slips are available at the preschool front desk.)

Preschool Chapel – Wednesday, Nov. 9th

This month’s chapel will focus on the story of Noah’s Ark. The children adore this story and its emphasis on family, animals, and listening to God. We can hardly wait to worship and praise God together.

Community Helpers – Pasadena Police Department K9 Unit Visit – Fri., Nov. 11th

We are so excited to have another visit from the Pasadena Police Department but this time from the furry division. The K9 Unit will be with us to show how officers and trained dogs work together. This is the first time we have had a K9 Unit visit, and we are thrilled.

Veterans Day – Friday, Nov. 11th


The preschool will be open for Veterans Day. We are thankful and eternally grateful to all the men and women who have served our country and look forward to honoring their sacrifice and service.

Farm Days – Friday, Nov. 18th

Older Pod Field Trip to Underwood Family Farms

Mark your calendars! Rooms 1, 2, & 3 will be going on our traditional fall field trip to Underwood Family Farm this year; yay!

Information, permission slips, and parent sign-ups will be available in your classrooms the first week in November.

Younger Pod On-site Field Trip

We will continue the Harvest celebration on-site for Rooms 4 & 5 with a visit from a few animal pals.

*If you are a Tuesday/Thursday family, please be sure to speak with your classroom teachers and the preschool office regarding how you can join in our farm day fun.

Stone Soup Days – Monday, Nov. 21st & Tuesday, Nov. 22nd

Stone Soup Days are one of the most significant preschool events of the year. Based on the beloved children’s book Stone Soup, each child brings a vegetable/food item to class to contribute to the community/class pot of soup. Your classroom teachers or Room Parents will let you know the details of how you can pitch in and be a part of this beautiful preschool annual tradition.

Wednesday, November 23rd


The day before our Preschool Thanksgiving Break is a Minimum Day. Therefore, the preschool will close promptly at 12 PM.

Thanksgiving Break – Thursday, November 24th – Friday, November 25th


The preschool will be closed for Thanksgiving Break in the second half of the 4th week of November. We hope and pray that everyone has a fantastic time off, reflecting on what they are thankful for.

From our preschool family to yours’…

May God continue to bless, protect, guide, and grace you all with His presence, mercy, and love now and in the coming year. Amen.