Boosting Self-Esteem

5 Principles of Boosting Self-Esteem

(Excerpt from: Self-Esteem for Tots to Teens, by E. Anderson)

“It has been demonstrated that a sense of self-worth is critical to learning and growing and living. Children who believe they are competent and worthy develop an “I can do it” attitude for coping with the problems and frustrations of life. Their positive concept of self helps them develop into strong, caring, responsible, compassionate human beings. On the other hand, children who are unable to view themselves as competent and worthwhile are prevented from living fulfilled and meaningful lives, and they also have difficulty helping others do the same.” (p.ix)

You can help your children develop positive self esteem by following these principles:

Listen and Acknowledge

I listen to and acknowledge the thoughts and feelings of my children.

Structure for Success

I structure the environment of my children so they will experience feelings of success, not failure.

Reasonable Control

I give my children a feeling of reasonable control over their lives.


I reinforce my children as lovable and capable.


I model a positive view of myself to my children.