Core Concepts in Baking Fun!


Last week in Room 5 we baked chocolate chip cupcakes. While our activity began as an extension of the new “bakery” dramatic play center we installed, it was also meant as a real-world experience to put the early math and literacy foundations they learn each day into some very productive practice!

We began by working together using our literacy skills to decipher the recipe on the box. We read our list of ingredients, and found the correct size of measuring cups we’d need for this baking project. Then we showed off our math skills using addition and subtraction to count how many eggs to add to our batter, and how long to stir it.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

We used one-to-one correspondence, counting out the number of mini-cupcake holes we filled in our tin. Then finally, we completed our project by adding our own personal flare to our lovely finished cupcakes. Each child chose how much icing or sprinkles they wanted to add, and decorated their own delightful creations!

Now THOSE are some happy bakers! 🙂