Hearing Screenings March 15 & 16

We are offering free hearing screenings to our preschool students on March 15th and 16th. Hearing is critical to optimal speech development and we want to be sure none of our little ones slip through cracks due to undiagnosed hearing concerns. Click here for a fantastic article that outlines speech development and the expected speech milestones in early childhood.

While we hope all of our little ones will participate in the screening, we would especially encourage those who exhibit any of the following characteristics:

  • Mild or moderate speech delay
  • Often “ignores” or seems oblivious to verbal commands or external noises
  • Consistently asks to have things repeated
  • Has trouble following age-appropriate multi-step directions
  • Particularly sensitive to loud noises
  • Particularly sensitive to noises of high and/or low frequencies 
  • Has difficulty with receptive language
  • Has trouble with comprehension (ie. Can’t retell or recall parts of an age-appropriate story)

Please be sure to fill out a permission form so your child can receive this free benefit.
Early detection and intervention is key to success during the preschool years.