January News

Way to have fun inside our class. We had a chance to explore the freezing ice blocks and watch it slowly Melt in the sun.

Louise Nevelson Inspired Art

Louise Nevelson was an American sculptor known for her single colored monochromatic, wooden wall pieces and outdoor sculptures. Her sculptures appeared puzzle-like, with multiple intricately wooden cut pieces. The students looked at samples of her work and learned about her life. This projects purpose was to create a monochromatic puzzle like wall piece inspired by Nevelson’s artwork. They did a fabulous job. – Ms. Monica; Art Teacher

National Popcorn Day!

Today is National Popcorn Day! Huzzah! And of course we couldn’t let that go by without a little celebration. Today for snack we had a little popcorn along with our regular snack (apologies to parents who packed a home lunch and you see a lot of it go home today).

We played with ice and small hammers. We were safe and wore our goggles.
The Baby Sharks did Baking Soda eruptions with vinegar!
The Rainbow Unicorns learned about the letter N.
Room 3 loves a good story. Ms. Terri had most of the class surrounding her!
We love the patio and the many different things we get to do to there!

All in all it was a pretty good day!

Chapel – January 2021

We are so excited to be back together at the preschool and to have our very first Chapel of 2021!

Today we discussed what we remembered about the Christmas Story and the birth of Jesus. Where he was born and who Jesus’ first visitors were. Then we learned about the Wise Men from the East and read Matthew 2:1-12 as well as the Rhyme Bible. We learned how the Wise Men (Magi) followed the star from far away to find the new born king (Messiah). The children had a wonderful time learning the first two verses of We Three Kings and discussing the three gifts that the Wise Men brought. It was a fantastic way to start a new year together.

We three kings | Christmas songs lyrics, We three kings, Christmas carols  lyrics
Those gifts from the three wise men have health, wealth benefits - New York  Daily News
Top: Myrrh Middle: Gold Bottom: Frankincense

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son.

John 3:16a

Big Field

Recently we have visited the Big Field on the main campus. We have a picnic snack and we read a story and then we get to run and play in the grass.

Red Light, Green Light is the game of the moment. And one day when I’m not running with the class I will remember to take some pictures of them playing it!

This week we read this story. Why did she swallow so many things?

Room 3 Antics!

It is January and we are busy with the important work of playing. And Room 3 friends play hard!

Really big paintings have been done during our patio time and we are really enjoying the different shades of blue.
During small groups we talked about squares and we made some of our very own!!
We love to build with blocks and to do puzzles. Our block area is usually full of construction as we build everything our imaginations can dream up.

We also love puzzles and spend a lot of time switching back and forth between our favorites.

The marble maze is a new favorite activity during patio times as well as our hammering with golf tees and styrofoam.
Sand writing/ drawing is another favorite activity on the patio. As well as playing with our magnetic letters. Making up words is fun!
Building towers with our cubes is a challenging activity for the late afternoon. Sometimes we can build higher than our heads!
The trampoline is a much loved activity and we have been so great about taking turns while we jump.

Inside and outside we play hard and have fun and we get to learn along the way. What more could you ask for? 😀


Welcome to “2021.” We pray that you all had a healthy and safe celebration.

As we come back from a long vacation some of the kids will be experiencing separation anxiety, It’s very normal. The children probably enjoyed their special time with you and they probably would like to stay in bed a little longer, keep their pj’s on all day or just cuddle with mommy or daddy. We would probably like to do that too. 😃

January is a good time to talk about the cold weather since is cold outside and everyone is wearing jackets. We have on display winter books such as; “All You Need for a Snowman,” “Snowballs,” “There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow,” “When it starts to Snow,” and “Snowmen at Night.” We are making fun winter arts and craft and have turned our Christmas tree into a giant snowman.

“Building a Water Bottle Snowman”
“Igloo Winter Scene”

Returning to school is fun. We get to ask the kids What did you do all these days at home? We had some that said; We went to church, we had dinner, we open presents and some who said we drank hot coco or went on an airplane. They had a lot to say and let me tell you our goal was to hear their words and collective minds, patiently waiting for their turn to tell us their stories .

“Our Giant Snowman”

With prayers to God, we wish you a year full of hope, surprises, blessings, health, peace and happiness.

Sand in Your Shoes

Every day at preschool you can find our children excavating, heaping, heaving, sifting, pouring, and learning though the magic of large/fine motor sand exploration and play. Whether it’s digging out a trench to fill with water or heaping a mound for a volcano experiment, the children relish the dusty, dirty, gritty experience of the sand. Over twenty years, our sand has received much love and attention from not only our own children but even the local wild life and a few neighborhood cats. With all that affection and use, it was time for a change and refresh.

Through the help of a grant provided to us by Options for Learning, a free, low cost high quality child care and early learning services program, through the state of California, we were able to completely replace the sand in our large central sandbox together with the sand in our smaller younger pod box. As you can imagine, this was no mean feat in both cost and effort. We are very appreciative of the Options for Learning program and their continued support of early childhood programs, especially during these trying times.

While it might seem like a minor change, sand for sand. In reality it is huge with regards to the health, safety, and wellbeing of our students and staff. We are infinitely grateful for the generosity of the Options for Learning program as well as the hard work of our own Pasadena Christian School Environmental Services team. Mr. Dave Ekstrand and his crew spent three days eliminating the old sand and replacing it with the 36 tons of new sand.

The children were elated to find a fresh sandy landscape awaiting them upon our return from the Christmas break. They have wasted no time fully immersing themselves by digging right in. After all, what would a day at preschool be without some sand in your shoe?

Ice & Snow

We have been talking about Winter weather and ice and snow. A few of our classmates have gone to the snow over the break and they told us how cold it was!

We have been exploring ice in our classroom. So far we have discovered that it’s cold, slippery and delicious!

Outside we have been playing with polar bears and cotton balls that double as snowballs.
We are painting with the colors of the month, blue and white.

We are getting ramped up for our snow days at the end of the month! Huzzah!