Food For Thought

Trying to create preschool-friendly lunches can be a challenge at times. Add in trying to make those same lunches healthy, appealing, variety-rich, sugar-reduced, and chemical-free, the challenge gets even bigger!

Sometimes sandwiches end up being the go-to lunch. However, with lunch meats quickly spiraling down the list of ‘healthy’ options (new research links lunch meats to possible colon cancer, high blood pressure, etc.), occasionally shaking things up with sandwich-free lunches may be something to add to the repertoire.

Check out The Kitchn for some tantalizing choices!

Resting our bodies and minds…(Room 4)

Our mornings at preschool are BUSY! We play, sing, dance, read, climb, dig, jump, talk, socialize, and SO much more! Nap time provides much-needed rest for our bodies and minds.

 According to Kids Health (click for full article), “Crucial physical and mental development occurs in early childhood, and naps provide much-needed downtime for growth and rejuvenation.”

Also, “well-rested kids are quicker to settle down at night than overtired ones. Overtired kids are often “wired” and restless, unable to self-soothe at bedtime, and more likely to wake through the night.”

We love nap time at preschool…but we are always ready for the kiddos to wake and playtime to begin all over again!


Autumn Activities in Room 5

Nature in the classroom…

Art with leaf printing.
Art with leaf printing.

We gathered fallen leaves from our outdoor classroom and brought them in. We dipped them in different colored paint and pressed them down on our papers to make beautiful leaf (and hand) prints!

Our new sensory table!
Our new sensory table!

Math Foundations and Sensory Experiences…

Room 5 has a new permanent sensory station, currently featuring multi-colored beans with autumn “jewels” and measuring cups. We scooped and poured as we compared and counted the amounts of beans and jewels in our cups.

More fun with our sensory bin... our friends are hard at work!
More fun with our sensory bin… our friends are hard at work!

Our Cozy Campsite….

Complete with forest animals and a glowing fireplace.
Complete with forest animals and a glowing fireplace.

Room 5 also has a new campground theme in our dramatic play center. We are sharing our outdoor experiences in our indoor campsite, learning new vocabulary, and having new experiences like sleeping by a “fireplace” or in a tent! Sitting around the campfire is a great new way to come together as a group.

Don't worry, the bears are friendly here!
Don’t worry, the bears are friendly here!

Even for those who have not had their first genuine camping experience, the indoor campsite is a fun introduction to the concept of camping and being in the wilderness.

Welcome to Our NEW Blog!

We are pleased to announce our new blog! The intent of this blog is to provide snippets of preschool life in the form of fun stories and photos from the classrooms, studio, outdoor classroom, special events, etc. We will also be including tips and tricks for surviving the preschool years, links to informational articles, blogs and videos, and announcements for upcoming events.

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Autumn Nature Walk

Room 2 friends enjoyed an autumn nature walk on the PCS campus this past week. After a blustery night before, there were oodles of fall ‘goodies’ to be found…seed pods, (almost) colored leaves, sticks, and more! The children picked up several bags of natural items, then came back to create beautiful fall collages. It was a perfect fall day!