Welcome to “2021.” We pray that you all had a healthy and safe celebration.

As we come back from a long vacation some of the kids will be experiencing separation anxiety, It’s very normal. The children probably enjoyed their special time with you and they probably would like to stay in bed a little longer, keep their pj’s on all day or just cuddle with mommy or daddy. We would probably like to do that too. 😃

January is a good time to talk about the cold weather since is cold outside and everyone is wearing jackets. We have on display winter books such as; “All You Need for a Snowman,” “Snowballs,” “There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow,” “When it starts to Snow,” and “Snowmen at Night.” We are making fun winter arts and craft and have turned our Christmas tree into a giant snowman.

“Building a Water Bottle Snowman”
“Igloo Winter Scene”

Returning to school is fun. We get to ask the kids What did you do all these days at home? We had some that said; We went to church, we had dinner, we open presents and some who said we drank hot coco or went on an airplane. They had a lot to say and let me tell you our goal was to hear their words and collective minds, patiently waiting for their turn to tell us their stories .

“Our Giant Snowman”

With prayers to God, we wish you a year full of hope, surprises, blessings, health, peace and happiness.

Sand in Your Shoes

Every day at preschool you can find our children excavating, heaping, heaving, sifting, pouring, and learning though the magic of large/fine motor sand exploration and play. Whether it’s digging out a trench to fill with water or heaping a mound for a volcano experiment, the children relish the dusty, dirty, gritty experience of the sand. Over twenty years, our sand has received much love and attention from not only our own children but even the local wild life and a few neighborhood cats. With all that affection and use, it was time for a change and refresh.

Through the help of a grant provided to us by Options for Learning, a free, low cost high quality child care and early learning services program, through the state of California, we were able to completely replace the sand in our large central sandbox together with the sand in our smaller younger pod box. As you can imagine, this was no mean feat in both cost and effort. We are very appreciative of the Options for Learning program and their continued support of early childhood programs, especially during these trying times.

While it might seem like a minor change, sand for sand. In reality it is huge with regards to the health, safety, and wellbeing of our students and staff. We are infinitely grateful for the generosity of the Options for Learning program as well as the hard work of our own Pasadena Christian School Environmental Services team. Mr. Dave Ekstrand and his crew spent three days eliminating the old sand and replacing it with the 36 tons of new sand.

The children were elated to find a fresh sandy landscape awaiting them upon our return from the Christmas break. They have wasted no time fully immersing themselves by digging right in. After all, what would a day at preschool be without some sand in your shoe?

Ice & Snow

We have been talking about Winter weather and ice and snow. A few of our classmates have gone to the snow over the break and they told us how cold it was!

We have been exploring ice in our classroom. So far we have discovered that it’s cold, slippery and delicious!

Outside we have been playing with polar bears and cotton balls that double as snowballs.
We are painting with the colors of the month, blue and white.

We are getting ramped up for our snow days at the end of the month! Huzzah!

2021 News and Reminders

Happy New Year! We are so happy to be back together at preschool in 2021. Here are a few quick reminders about what we will be looking forward to this month.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day – Mon., Jan. 18th – PRESCHOOL CLOSED

We will be celebrating the life and accomplishments of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., along with the rest of the nation, by taking the day to remember and reflect on his service and sacrifice. At the preschool, we approach the concept of social justice at an age appropriate level by acknowledging the meaningful contributions of historical figures such as MLK but more specifically by reflecting on the love and nature of God. God teaches us that we are all created in His image (Gen. 1:26), that we are all one in Christ Jesus (Eph. 5:21),  that we are called to stand for others (Prob. 31:8-9), and most importantly to love God and each other. (Matt. 22:37-39, Jhn. 15:12).

Snow Days – Thurs., Jan. 28th & Fri., Jan. 29th

We wanted to let you know that we have postponed our Snow Days due to the high possibility of rain on both Thursday & Friday this week. Currently, we are hoping to reschedule for next Thursday & Friday, February 4th & 5th. We are praying that the weather improves for us next week as well as that Arctic Glacier, the company providing the snow, will be able to accommodate our new dates. As soon as we have confirmed those new days, we will let everyone know. UPDATED 01/25/2021

We are so excited to announce an on-site field trip for this winter, Snow Days! Starting on Thursday, January 28th, we are turning the back end of the preschool parking lot into our very own winter wonderland with actual snow! The snow will be provided by an outside company, Arctic Glacier, who specializes in snow/ice events. Each classroom will have an opportunity to explore the frosty fun as an extension of their classroom’s yard time.

We recommend bundling up your little ones on those days and sending snow appropriate clothes and footwear plus sending extra clothes to change into after the event. Each classroom will have a half hour window of time to play in the snow on both Thursday and Friday.

*This event will be postponed if the forecast calls for rain on either of our planned days.

Perfect Square

Early childhood literature is so much more than meets the eye. Of course books are fun to read, but they can be utilized to spark important conversations, integrate curriculum, gain perspective and cultivate imagination.

Our littles in Room 2 are enjoying a book called Perfect Square by Michael Hall. It’s about a perfectly happy square that gets cut, torn, shredded, shattered and poked full of holes. Just when you think it’s ruined it’s transformed into beautiful, much less confining things.

On a practical level, we can explain themes of perseverance, creativity and flexibility but as believers we see an even deeper moral of the story—

Ephesians 2:10 “For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”

We are so thankful that God takes our pain, our brokenness, our shattered pieces, our disappointments and gives us the opportunity to use it for his glory. We get to be continually shaped and molded into HIS likeness—what’s more beautiful than that?

This literary art project is just one example of how we integrate the monthly shape (square) and the monthly colors (blue and white) from our curriculum skills sheets into fun and practical learning experiences. Check out some of the awesome things our Room 2 friends turned their square into.

Back to School!

Happy New Year! Today marks the second day back at school after a long Christmas break. I don’t know about you guys but the Room 3 teachers have missed you all!!

We have new sand in our sand box and it is excellent for making sand castles! ( We have also been playing Dinosaur. Can you tell which friends are roaring?)
We like our sensory path and using all kinds of things to make molds for castles.
We went to the Big Field and had picnic snack and Ms. Sheri read us a story. Then we played Red Light, Green Light and ran all over the field.
When we got back into the classroom a lot of Room 3 friends drew their own snowmen.
We played so much that we were all ready for lunchtime!

Outside we got to play on the structure and half the friends were firefighters and the other half were kittens. What great imaginations!

All in all we are happy to be back at school.